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Collaborations and Partnerships: Igniting Innovation, Expanding Horizons

At The Institute for Future Creations (TIFC), we thrive on collaborative synergies that spark innovation, drive transformative change, and elevate the craft sector. Through strategic collaborations and partnerships, we have forged connections with renowned universities, international talent, high-value designers, brands, and key stakeholders, all working together to shape a future where creativity knows no bounds.

Our commitment to collaboration is evident in our diverse network of esteemed partners. We have joined forces with universities of international repute, including the University of Boras and the University of the Arts London, to foster knowledge exchange, research opportunities, and comprehensive educational programs. These collaborations empower aspiring creatives to deepen their craft, broaden their horizons, and forge meaningful connections within the industry.

To fuel our passion for innovation, we collaborate with international talent and high-value designers who share our vision for craftsmanship and sustainability. Our esteemed partners include fashion brand Nikojai Storm from Denmark, renowned couture designer Andrea Brocca from Italy, and the trailblazing Selyn Textiles from Sri Lanka. Together, we embark on collaborative projects that push creative boundaries, celebrate artisanal craft, and redefine the future of sustainable fashion.

In addition, our partnerships extend to influential brands and organizations that recognize the value of craft and sustainability. Notable collaborations include projects with the Netherlands Embassy in Sri Lanka and the esteemed investment bank TWC. Through these alliances, we showcase the craftsmanship and authenticity of artisans while offering brands access to ethically sourced materials, innovative techniques, and unique design solutions.

By forging these collaborations and partnerships, we create a dynamic ecosystem where knowledge is shared, mentorship thrives, and global market access becomes attainable. Together with our esteemed collaborators, we amplify the impact of our initiatives, foster cross-cultural exchange, and pave the way for a more inclusive and sustainable craft industry.

Join us as we cultivate collaborative synergies, push creative boundaries, and chart a new course for the future of craft. Together, with our partners, we are transforming the landscape of creativity, forging paths of innovation, and shaping a brighter future for artisans, designers, and entrepreneurs.

Collaborations and Partnerships:

University of Boras: Fostering research opportunities and comprehensive educational programs.

University of the Arts London: Igniting creativity and enabling cross-disciplinary collaborations

Fashion brand Nikojai Storm (Denmark): Pushing creative boundaries in sustainable fashion in lux streetwear

Couture Designer Andrea Brocca (Italy): Redefining the art of craftsmanship and design from Sri Lanka to Dubai to Paris.

Selyn Textiles (Sri Lanka): Celebrating artisanal craft and promoting ethical practices.

Projects with the Netherlands Embassy (Sri Lanka) and Investment Bank TWC (Sri Lanka): Showcasing craftsmanship and driving sustainable impact.