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Services and Work: Empowering Creativity, Driving Impact

At The Institute for Future Creations (TIFC), our services and work are rooted in empowering creativity and driving impactful change within the craft sector. With our multidisciplinary expertise, innovative mindset, and collaborative approach, we offer a range of services designed to support artisans, designers, and entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

Education and Knowledge Sharing: We believe in the power of education and knowledge sharing to unlock the full potential of the craft community. Through workshops, training programs, and collaborative initiatives, we provide valuable insights, technical skills, and business acumen to empower individuals and foster their growth.

Craft Innovation Lab: Our Craft Innovation Lab serves as a hub for research, development, and experimentation. Here, we explore new materials, techniques, and processes that push the boundaries of craft, resulting in higher value textile and craft creations. We strive to bridge tradition with innovation and lead the way in sustainable craft practices.

Mentorship and Talent Development: We are committed to nurturing emerging talent and providing mentorship opportunities. Through our mentorship programs, we connect aspiring creatives with industry experts, enabling them to gain valuable guidance, expand their networks, and accelerate their professional growth.

International Collaborations: TIFC actively engages in international collaborations with renowned universities, designers, and brands. By fostering partnerships, we facilitate knowledge exchange, cross-cultural learning, and global market access. These collaborations open doors to new opportunities and promote the value of craft on a global scale.

Craft Tours and Internship Programs: We offer curated craft tours and internship programs that provide immersive experiences for individuals to explore the rich heritage of craft. These initiatives create opportunities for cultural exchange, skill enhancement, and a deeper understanding of diverse craft traditions.

Blockchain Solutions: TIFC leverages cutting-edge blockchain technology to create transparency, traceability, and trust within the craft industry. Through our blockchain solutions, we empower artisans, designers, and brands to showcase the authenticity and provenance of their creations, fostering a sustainable and ethical marketplace.

Thought Leadership and Advocacy: TIFC takes pride in being a thought leader and advocate for the craft sector. We actively participate in global policy interventions, conferences, and discussions to shape the future of craft and promote conscious consumption. Our goal is to challenge existing narratives and highlight the social, cultural, and environmental value of craft.

At TIFC, our services and work go beyond traditional boundaries. We are committed to co-creating a future where craft thrives, artisans prosper, and creativity knows no limits. Join us on this transformative journey and experience the power of craft in driving positive change.