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The Founders

We are Selyna Peiris, Sindu Holla and Robert Meeder, the passionate founders behind The Institute for Future Creations (TIFC). Craft is at the core of our beings, and it is with unwavering dedication that we have brought TIFC to life.

Drawing upon our extensive experiences in luxury fashion, craft, international media, policy creation, consultancy, strategy & business development, and academia, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of the craft industry. From the earliest stages of concept nurturing to the final distribution of products to end consumers, we have personally witnessed every facet of the creative journey. This intimate knowledge has fuelled our desire to challenge conventions and reshape the way craft is approached.

Our journey has been grounded in the belief that personal connections and authenticity are key. We know that real change happens when we connect with individuals on a personal level, understanding their needs, aspirations, and challenges. This approach guides our hands-on involvement and drives us to create an environment where collaboration, growth, and creativity can flourish.

TIFC is not just a vision for us; it is a deeply personal endeavour. We are driven by our shared passion for craft and a commitment to making a positive impact. It is our belief that by empowering artisans, designers, and entrepreneurs, we can create futures filled with endless possibilities.

Join us as we embark on this transformative journey. Together, we will challenge norms, ignite creativity, and redefine the future of craft. At TIFC, our commitment is personal – to connect with the craft community, foster growth, and make a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve. Welcome to TIFC, where our collective aspirations and dreams merge to shape a brighter future.

Robert Meeder

I invite you to join me on an extraordinary journey into the realms of craft, fashion, design, and sustainability. With over 20 years of experience as a professor, industry expert, and passionate advocate, my mission is to foster creativity, nurture talent, and shape a brighter future for the creative community.

Hailing from Australia, my path has taken me to esteemed institutions like the Royal Danish Academy, where I honed my design skills in fashion and textiles. Continuing my quest for knowledge, I pursued transformative studies in textiles and management during my PhD at Högskolan Borås in Sweden.

Throughout my dynamic career, I've collaborated with leading luxury brands, leaving a lasting impact on their success stories. Yet, my true passion lies in craftsmanship and empowering the next generation of creative minds.

In the early 2000s, I was drawn to the captivating shores of Sri Lanka, where the country's rich creativity and artisanal craft bewitched me. Since then, I've been dedicated to uplifting sectors such as handloom, sapphire, and education through research visits, exchange programs, and consultancy work.

Beyond the classroom, I have the privilege of sharing my expertise as a visiting lecturer at esteemed institutions like the SCAD (USA), University of Arts London (UK) and Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin (Germany). It brings me great joy to ignite imaginations and nurture the limitless potential of aspiring creatives.

Additionally, I serve as a senior expert advisor to European delegations in Sri Lanka, collaborating closely with the Cultural Platforms division of Brussels. Together, we work towards driving craft and fashion development, ushering in a new era of innovation and growth.

My personal journey, driven by unwavering passion and commitment to the craft community, has led me to The Institute for Future Creations (TIFC). Here, I aim to reshape narratives and empower artisans, designers, and entrepreneurs to transcend boundaries and redefine the future of creativity.

Selyna Peiris

My journey in the world of ethical business and social impact has been both rewarding and deeply personal. I proudly serve as the Director of Business Development at Selyn, Sri Lanka's sole fair-trade handloom establishment, and a beacon of hope as one of the country’s largest social ventures. Alongside this, I co-founded Positive Impact Consultancies, with a vision to seamlessly weave ethical and sustainable business practices into the fabric of mainstream commerce.

In my past roles, I've had the honor of serving as the Deputy Director at the Office for National Unity & Reconciliation (ONUR) under the Sri Lankan Government. My commitment to positive change also led me to collaborate with numerous international entities, including several UN organizations, providing consultancy to amplify their impact.

As a youth, I was impassioned by the dream of a racism-free Sri Lanka, leading and collaborating with movements to bring this vision closer to reality. My academic pursuits have taken me around the world, acquiring a Masters in International Relations from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, a Masters in International Business Law from University College London, and an LLB from the University of Hull.

At the heart of all I do, lies my unwavering advocacy for equitable development, with a special emphasis on uplifting the incredible women of Sri Lanka. I look forward to forging new partnerships and finding ways to bring our shared vision of a better world to life.

Sindu Holla

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